New Health Information Facts

Most people show signs of needing better nutrition
  • 43% of people have symptoms that show they need more foods rich in Vitamin B2.
  • 27% of people need more foods rich in Vitamin A.
  • 51% of people have symptoms that show they could do with eating foods rich in Vitamin C.
  • 57% of people need to eat more foods rich in B Vitamins.

Very few people feel really well
New Health Information Facts indicate that only 6% of people have an overall health score in the optimum range. Everyone else shows significant symptoms that relate to requirements for specific foods and nutrient to help support their wellbeing.
  • 80% of people report low energy
  • 82% become quickly impatient when held up and 62% easily become tense or anxious
  • 64% of women report suffering from PMS/PMT
  • 46% report suffering from depression
  • 57% of people fail to have a bowel movement every day
  • 64% suffer from abdominal bloating
  • 54% report dark circles or bags under their eyes
  • 46% suffer from headaches and migraine
  • 50% have more than two colds or flu a year
  • 40% find it hard to shift an infection All of these symptoms are influenced by what we eat and how we live. The underlying causes are different for different people and that is why the profile is so great. It helps individuals find out what is most important for them based on their personal profile. The profile shows that at different times for different people some foods are best reduced or eliminated completely to feel really well or to help lose weight. The profile helps people make the right choices for them. No more guesswork about what works for you.