Puppy Health Information - Six Essential Tips to a Healthy Happy Puppy

You can expect your puppy to sleep more than an adult dog. If your puppy seems unhappy, he may need a little rest. Puppies are little balls of energy and can wear themselves out.
If you think your puppy is tired, set him in his bed, give him soothing pets, and speak to him softly. This will encourage your puppy to calm down. He should be ready to play again after a short nap or rest period.
Brush your Puppy Regularly.
Brushing your puppy's coat regularly is an important step in keeping your dog healthy. This gives you an opportunity to identify problems like skin irritation or matting. Pay careful attention to foxtails because these can be a real health problem for you dog. If you dog gets one, call your vet.
The Importance of Routine Ear Care
When you brush your dog, take a look inside his ears. If he has a lot of hair, you may need a flashlight. If you see wax build up, you can remove it with a damp cotton ball. However, don't try to clean too deep in your canine's ear...it may be harmful. Instead, ask your vet (or groomer) at your next appointment.
Start Trimming your Dog's Nails Early.
Unless your dog runs on hard surfaces often, he will need his nails trimmed often. If you start as a puppy, he won't be as likely to resist. Buy special trimmers for dog nails, the shape is especially designed for your dog, so it will make things easier.
And make the experience as positive as possible by showering him with treats and praise.
Caring for your New Puppies Teeth.
Approximately 80% of dogs have gingivitis by the time they reach three years of age. If you start good dental care early, you can prevent painful (and expensive) dental problems later. Here's how to care for your puppy's teeth:
o Brush your dog's teeth weekly (daily if possible)
o Give your dog treats designed to reduce plaque
o Schedule annual cleanings(make sure to shop around on this because it can be expensive)
Invest in an Obedience Training Class.
Taking a canine obedience training class makes life easier for both owner and dog. You can enjoy outings without the embarrassment of jumping on strangers, or uncontrollable barking. The great part about obedience classes is you have options.
o Buy a book
o Take a class online
o Take a class at your local pet store (Big chain stores like Petco and PetSmart usually offer classes)